Anglo-Saxon round fibula from the Kingtson Find. 7th c. A.D. (Liverpool Mus.) 3.25 in. Gold cloisonné with garnet and gemstone inlays. The round fibula is a late Roman motif.

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The Audio on this CDs is the same quality that you find on the web site.
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Purchases are considered a donation to help cover expenses and are not necessary unless you don't want to be connected to the internet while you read and listen.

The MP3 Audio Septuagint Bible, Including the Apocrypha

The English version of the Greek Septuagint as originally translated by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton and was first published in London in 1851.

The Audio Septuagint will play on all MP3 Compatible Players.

Books Included with MP3 Audio the Septuagint Bible:

The MP3 Audio Septuagint Bible

The Audio files on this CD are the same as in the Septuagint Online.

This will allow you to play the whole Bible, your Selected Book, or open the folder to select a desired chapter.

You don't need to be connected to the internet and they are completely portable.

Due to the size, there is no text with this. The Audio LXX would make a good combination with the Septuagint Software. Check on the combo special.

Genesis Tobit Baruch
Exodus Judith Jezekiel
Leviticus Esther Daniel
Numbers I Maccabees Osee
Deuteronomy II Maccabees Joel
Joshua III Maccabees Amos
Judges IV Maccabees Obdias
Ruth Job Jonas
Kings I Psalms Michaeas
Kings II Proverbs Naum
Kings III Ecclesiastes Ambacum
Kings IV Song of Songs Sophonias
Chronicles I Wisdom Aggaeus
Chronicles II Sirach Zacharias
Ezra Esaias Malachias
I Esdras Jeremias  
Nehemiah Lamentations
  • The Song of the Three Children is between Daniel 3:23 and 3:24

  • The History of Susanna is chapter 13 of Daniel

  • Bel and the Dragon is chapter 14 of Daniel

  • The letter of Jeremias is chapter 6 of Baruch

  • The Prayer of Manasses is Psalm 152


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