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E. C. Marsh
P.O. Box 342
Saint Ansgar, IA 50472


CD/DVD Tray Card Folding Template

An Alternative to Expensive Perforated Jewel Case (Back Panel) Tray Cards for your CDs or DVDs.

Simply Print, Cut Out, and Crease.

Print and cut out your tray card using any tray card formatting program
Lay the printed side face down in the template
Using the included tool, follow the creasing groove for the right tab then crease the left tab
Fold tabs at the creases and drop in the back panel CD/DVD tray.
Includes folding groove to fold front panel inserts for slim-line CD cases.

CD / DVD Tray Card Folding TemplateWorks with any Tray Insert printing program such as Microsoft Word® Templates, Avery®, and Neato® label generating software.

Machined from ABS Plastic.

I have distributed Christian and Historical Research Books and Study Materials on CD for many years. As most of my CD come in a slim line case there has always been a need to use the full size CD jewel cases especially for public presentation and including double volume items. Not being happy with the off the shelf blank perforated tray cards (I prefer to use card stock and different color papers) or able to afford professional printing I decided to build a folding template. I designed and built a computer controlled router to machine the templates.

This little device is accurate, inexpensive, and will last a lifetime. As with all of my products, if you are not 100% satisfied I will give a full refund.

CD/DVD Back Pannel Tray Card Folder

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Ernest Marsh  P.O. Box 342, Saint Ansgar, Iowa 50472