The Writings of Philo Judaeus of Alexandria
Philo's works were enthusiastically received by the early Christians.
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Philo of Alexandria

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The Works of Philo Judaeus of Alexandria

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(20 B.C.-50 A.D.)
"Philo's works were enthusiastically received by the early Christians."
Little is known of the life of Philo. Josephus, the Judean historian who also lived in the 1st century, says that Philo's family surpassed all others in the nobility of its lineage. His father had apparently played a prominent role in Palestine before moving to Alexandria.

The only event in his life that can be determined chronologically is his participation in the embassy which the Alexandrian Jews, in 40 AD., sent to the emperor Caligula at Rome for the purpose of asking protection against the attacks of the Greeks.

Listen to Preface to the Origional Edition of PhiloPreface to the Origional Edition
Listen to Philo Book 1: ON CREATIONBook 1: ON CREATION
Listen to Book 3: Philo, Allegorical Interpretation, 2Book 3: ALLEGORICAL INTERPRETATION, 2
Listen to Book 4: Philo, Allegorical Interpretation, 3Book 4: ALLEGORICAL INTERPRETATION, 3
Listen to Book 5: Philo, The Cherubim.Book 5: THE CHERUBIM
Listen to Book 6: Philo, On the Birth of Abel and the Sacrifices Offered by Him and by His Brother CainBook 6: THE BIRTH OF ABEL AND THE SACRIFICES OFFERED BY HIM AND BY HIS BROTHER CAIN
Listen to Book 7: Philo, That the Worse is Wont to Attack the BetterBook 7: THAT THE WORSE IS WONT TO ATTACK THE BETTER
Listen to Book 8: Philo, On the Posterity of Cain and His ExileBook 8: THE POSTERITY OF CAIN AND HIS EXILE
Listen to Book 9: Philo, On the Giants.Book 9: THE GIANTS
Listen to Book 10: Philo, On the Unchangeableness of GodBook 10: THE UNCHANGEABLENESS OF GOD
Listen to Book 11: Philo, On HusbandryBook 11: HUSBANDRY
Listen to Book 12: Philo, Concerning Noah's Work as a PlanterBook 12: CONCERNING NOAH'S WORK AS A PLANTER
Listen to Book 13: Philo, On DrunkennessBook 13: DRUNKENNESS
Listen to Book 14: Philo, On the Prayers and Curses Uttered by Noah When He Became SoberBook 14: THE PRAYERS AND CURSES UTTERED BY NOAH WHEN HE BECAME SOBER
Listen to Book 15: Philo, On the Confusion of TonguesBook 15: THE CONFUSION OF TONGUES
Listen to Book 16: Philo, On the Migration of AbrahamBook 16: THE MIGRATION OF ABRAHAM
Listen to Book 17: Philo, Who is the Heir of Divine ThingsBook 17: WHO IS THE HEIR OF DIVINE THINGS
Book 18: Philo, On Mating with the Preliminary StudiesBook 18: MATING WITH THE PRELIMINARY STUDIES
Listen to Book 19: Philo, On Flight and FindingBook 19: FLIGHT AND FINDING
Listen to Book 20: Philo, On the Change of NamesBook 20: THE CHANGE OF NAMES
Listen to Book 21: Philo, On Dreams, That They are God-SentBook 21: DREAMS, THAT THEY ARE GOD-SENT
Listen to Book 22: Philo, On AbrahamBook 22: ABRAHAM
Listen to Book 23: Philo, On JosephBook 23: JOSEPH
Listen to Book 24: Philo, On the Life of Moses, IBook 24: THE LIFE OF MOSES, I
Listen to Book 25: Philo, On the Life of Moses, IIBook 25: THE LIFE OF MOSES, II
Listen to Book 26: Philo, The DecalogueBook 26: THE DECALOGUE
Book 27: Book 27: Philo, The Special Laws, IBook 27: THE SPECIAL LAWS, I
Listen to Book 28: Philo, The Special Laws, IIBook 28: THE SPECIAL LAWS, II
Listen to Book 29: Philo, The Special Laws, IIIBook 29: THE SPECIAL LAWS, III
Listen to Book 30: Philo, The Special Laws, IVBook 30: THE SPECIAL LAWS, IV
Listen to Book 31: Philo, On the VirtuesBook 31: THE VIRTUES
Listen to Book 32: Philo, On Rewards and PunishmentsBook 32: REWARDS AND PUNISHMENTS
Listen to Book 33: Philo, Every Good ManBook 33: EVERY GOOD MAN IS FREE
Listen to Book 34: Philo, On the Contemplative Life or SuppliantsBook 34: THE CONTEMPLATIVE LIFE OR SUPPLIANTS
Listen to Book 35: Philo, On the Eternity of the WorldBook 35: THE ETERNITY OF THE WORLD
Listen to Book 36: Philo, FlaccusBook 36: FLACCUS
Listen to Book 37: Philo, HypotheticaBook 37: HYPOTHETICA
Listen to Book 38: Philo, On Providence (Fragment I)Book 38: PROVIDENCE (Fragment I)
Listen to Book 39: Philo, On Providence (Fragment II)Book 39: PROVIDENCE (Fragment II)
Listen to Book 40: Philo, On the Embassy to GaiusBook 40: THE EMBASSY TO GAIUS
Listen to Book 41: Philo, Questions and Answers on Genesis, IBook 41: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON GENESIS, I
Listen to Book 42: Philo, Questions and Answers on Genesis, IIBook 42: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON GENESIS, II
Listen to Book 43: Philo, Questions and Answers on Genesis, IIIBook 43: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON GENESIS, III
Listen to Appendix 1: Philo, Concerning the WorldBook 44: A TREATISE CONCERNING THE WORLD